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Hi my name is Andru. Monchele. Finchel. Lea Michele. Cory Monteith. Rachel Berry. Finn Hudson and anything Glee. Awkward.
Jul 24 '14

One-shot: Debugging


Title: Debugging
Summary: Ron and Hermione discuss a certain newspaper article.
Rating: PG13/M for minor swearing and implied adult situations.
Notes: Took me a while, but here’s my take on last week’s events! I meant to write a drabble, but failed.
Most of the fics I’ve read this week have Ron joking and not longer having a problem with what others think of him, and while I do agree that over the years his confidence must have built up, I think that maybe a light wisp of insecurity still remains—but for very different reasons than those of a teenage boy, as I hope I was able to convey.
Thanks to jenahid for correcting this, and tagging diva-gonzo, since she asked :)

Hermione woke up abruptly and suppressed a groan. It had taken her a long time to fall asleep, and now she felt as if it’d happened mere seconds ago. It was not for lack of exhaustion: she’d had an unusually long day, waking up at five to make sure everything was packed and nothing necessary was being left behind; getting the children dressed and fed—although Ron, bless his heart, was the expert in breakfast chores—and meeting Harry and his trio to catch the Portkey to Argentina at 8 am. Once there, it had been a great hustle and bustle all around, what with the setting up of the tents, having most of the kids from their extended family being more trouble than help, and all the curious eyes trying to get a peek or even pass the tight security wards that protected their section of the campsite. And then in the afternoon, they had been busy making sure that the younger children weren’t getting past the wards without an adult. She could definitely use a good night’s rest.

But now that she was awake, she could feel without even checking that Ron was gone, and she knew it was pointless to even try and fall back to sleep before he returned. She grabbed her dressing gown from a coat stand and tiptoed across the room so as not to wake Rose and Hugo in their bunk beds. If the kids got their way, they would all be staying in one tent, while the adults slept in the other… but they had made that mistake once.

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Jul 24 '14

Ron and Hermione BTS Kiss - HP Wizards Collection

Jul 24 '14
Jul 24 '14


Fanboy Challenge

10 Ships

Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
Jul 24 '14


             They didn’t agree on muchimage

     in fact, they rarely agreed on anything, they fought all the time  image                                 and they challenged each other everyday, 


                    But despite their differences ,image

               they had one important thing in common, image

                 they were crazy about each other 


Jul 24 '14

If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first lovers and protect each other like siblings, then you know you are meant to be.

Jul 24 '14

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Jul 24 '14

“We talked about a lot of things. We talked about children and what we would look like when we grow old and who would be fat and how we would stay thin. We talked about where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. We were done. We were it.”

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Jul 23 '14

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Jul 13 '14

everyone could use a good laugh or smile, so let’s remember some of Cory’s funniest moments:


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